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Serena Tatti, Story Editor!

Today we have my lovely friend from Australia, Serena Tatti, sharing about her editing services. But before we give over to Serena, just a reminder...check my sidebar for links and follow the Blog Tour of Kate Walker and Christina Hollis for MEGA GIVEAWAYS!

So over to Serena...

Hi Nas,

Thank you for inviting me to your wonderful blog and allowing me to tell everyone about my new editing business, Serena Tatti Editing Services AKA Story Editor. I have a science background but have been an avid reader of romance since I was at university. For years I talked about writing my own romance novel, but like many other people, always put it off. Years ago when our house was in the middle of extensive renovations, I was stuck here for twelve weeks. After a few days, I sat down at the new computer that I’d just won in a raffle (yes, truly!) and I started to type the story that had been running around in my head for years. Soon after I read Valerie Parv’s The Art of Writing Romance, which lead me to the Romance Writers of Australia, and in turn lead me to the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild. That’s when I started learning about the processes involved in writing a romance novel.

I have always been pedantic about spelling, grammar and punctuation, and proofread many of the grant applications and scientific papers for the Epidemiology Unit at the University of Melbourne, Department of Medicine at the Royal Melbourne Hospital when I worked there many moons ago. I have also judged competitions for the Romance Writers of Australia (and the now defunct Australian Chapter of the Romance Writers of America). After writing romance for several years, it seemed a natural progression to go into editing.

I am lucky to have made some wonderful friends in the romance writing industry both in Australia and overseas. For some of them I was there at the beginning of the journey whether as critique partner or friend - these include Fiona Lowe when she sold to Mills & Boon Medicals, Maxine Sullivan when she sold to Silhouette Desire (now Harlequin Desire), Nicola Marsh when she sold to Mills & Boon Sweet Romance, Charlie Kramer (Smashwords) and Margaret Tanner (The Wild Rose Press and Whiskey Creek Press). I have some lovely testimonials from all these wonderful authors up on the website, and when you go in also check out the covers for some of the books that I have edited for them. I feel quite privileged to have worked on books by such talented authors. I am currently working with a few unpublished authors that I know will one day soon join those published authors.

At Story Editor, we work on projects of any size including articles, short stories, novellas, novels (any length) and theses whether scientific or legal (or ask about other subjects).

Our services include:
Proofreading - checking for spelling, punctuation, grammatical and syntax errors.
Complete editing – proofreading services, continuity, comments on content, characterisation, conflict, pacing, dialogue, emotional tension and plot.

 All work is carried out in a secure and confidential environment.

Check out the website set up by my wonderful webmistress, Charlie Kramer, and contact me if you’d like a quote.

I also have a new blog. I plan to post writing-related snippets on a regular basis.

Nas, thanks again for having me as your guest and thank you for the opportunity to talk about my new venture.
Serena Tatti left a promising career in medical research to raise her family. Cliché, but true. Having always been an avid reader of romance novels, she decided to try her hand at writing one of the many stories that lived in her head. Several more followed in quick succession. Currently, she is Treasurer of the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild and Listowner of the Ozromance list for Romance Writers (formerly associated with the Australian Chapter of the Romance Writers of America). After working in the editing field for several years, Serena recently started her own editing business, Serena Tatti Editing Services. She lives in Victoria, Australia with her dark hero and their three sons.

Visit her at: 
Author Website      Facebook        


  1. Hi Nas, thanks for introducing us to Serena.

    Serena, it was nice to meet you. I know Margaret Tanner through The Wild Rose Press. Not personally, but we share the same publisher.

  2. Hi Doralynn,

    Thanks for coming by to help me welcome Serena to my home on the web!

  3. Nice meeting you, Serena. It's good to have options when it comes to editors.

  4. Thanks Nas for introducing Serene on your blog. It's good to know there are editors for any length project. Looking forward to reading the books of her new authors.
    Serena, you also have some lucky stars to win a computer :)

  5. Hi JL, thanks for coming along!

    Hello Manzanita, I so win and a computer at that! Lucky Serena!

  6. Serena, your editing skills will be pure gold not only for your new business (BTW, congratulations!) but for the publisher lucky enough to sign you. Thanks for introducing Serena to your followers, Nas.

  7. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for coming along and 'meeting' Serena!

  8. Hi Nas,
    Thank you so much for having me as your guest here in Paradise. I loved Fiji when I visited while on a cruise. I hope one day to get back there and meet my lovely Fijian friend in person :)


  9. Hi Doralynn,
    Very nice to meet you too! Margaret Tanner is just as gorgeous in real life as she is through emails and she writes wonderful historicals and one or two contemporaries :) Thanks for coming in and saying hi to me.

  10. Hi J.L.
    I agree - it's always great to have options and with the growing trend of self-publishing, it's always a good idea to get someone look over your work. There are several people who are going on to sell to big publishing houses from their self-published works, and that's why it's imperative that it be the best story and in the best condition possible to impress whoever is out there reading it. Thanks for coming in and saying hi.

  11. Hi Manzanita,
    Yes, I'm happy to look at articles or short stories, the latter which seem to be making a resurgence, perhaps because people lead busy lives and like the shorter reads.

    Yep, I was very lucky to win the computer. It was a charity raffle at a charity fashion parade. I was absolutely thrilled. And it lead her to where I am today.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Hi Michelle,
    I hope someone out there is listening to you! LOL. I really enjoy editing and love nothing better than to find a wonderful story from a brand new author who goes on to sell, and see it onshelf with a gorgeous cover!

    Thanks for dropping in and saying hello.

  13. Hi Serena,
    Lovely to see you here. As one of those unpublished authors you're working with all I can say is a huge thank you for your insights and advice. You've helped me enormously.

  14. Hello Serena,
    I've always known how fabulous you are. It's awesome that so many more people will benefit from your wisdom now. Yay!

    More chocolate for you at the next meeting!

  15. I can vouch for Serena's eye for detail. I've learned HEAPS from her over the years.

  16. Hi Serena,
    I've been blessed to have your expertise through our Melbourne Romance Writing Guild with your invaluable critiquing wisdom, and I know you will do brilliantly in your own business because you love what you do.

  17. Hi Louise,
    Thanks for your praise. I know you're close. VERY close!
    Thanks for coming in to say hi.

  18. Hi Ebs,
    Thanks for saying such lovely things about my work :)(Praise indeed from a famous published author - go and check out her books, people) And I'm looking forward to more chocolate rewards at the meeting on Sunday! Thanks for dropping in to see me.

  19. Hi Fiona,
    Thanks for that. From you it's high praise indeed! I've learned a lot working with you - I love your processes!! Thanks for coming in.

  20. Hi Lia,
    Thanks for that. You're another author who is VERY close to the call! I know it. Thanks for visiting me here in Romance Book Paradise.

  21. What can I say that the othres have not?
    You are a talented, lovely lady. I admire your strengths as a story editor, something I am always in need of.
    Thank you Serena.
    Angela Castle.

  22. Hi Serena, you are a brilliant editor, and wonderful writer. Your editing skills have helped so many people over the years, and this is a natural progression.

    I know you will be busy!

  23. Hi Serena,

    Congratulations on your new business, and for sharing your story on how you got to where you are today. You’re an awesome talented lady – not to mention hard working!, couldn’t be happier for you.

    I second Lia's comment, we truly are blessed at MRWG. Such a wealth of knowledge and expertise - lucky, lucky us :)

    Nas, thank you for your wonderful blog, it’s always worth a drop-in to meet some wonderful people like Serena.


  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Hi Angela,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. Fresh eyes are always a good idea anyway. Your words seem to flow beautifully all the time. Thanks for coming in and saying hi.

  26. Hi Cheryl,
    That's high praise from a fellow editor :) Thank you. And thanks for giving me a start in this field. Lovely to see you here.

  27. Hi Raewyn,
    Thank you for your kind words. I have to agree that the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild is a special place and a product of years of nurturing and support. We're very blessed! Thanks for dropping in to see me :)

  28. Great interview, and good to know what's available, editorial-wise. Thanks Nas and Serena!

  29. As another of the many people who've benefited from your insight and wisdom Serena, I'm really glad to see you getting out there so that others have the opportunity to receive your guidance!

  30. Hi Serena

    I could just say 'ditto' to all the previous comments and leave it at that - but I won't!

    Having the pleasure of meeting you through the MRWG, I feel your experience and expertise has helped me no end.

    Thank you for all your advice and assistance in the past - I know your business will be a great success due to your hardwork and insurmountable knowledge.

    Best of luck!


  31. Great to see you here Serena.

    I wish you well with your new editing venture. I've no doubt with your amazing eye for detail and skill, you will be flat out!

    And as Ebs said " We've always known how fabulous you are. It's awesome that so many more people will benefit from your wisdom now."

    Melbourne Romance Writers Guild members are lucky to have you in their ranks, you are not only a talented editor but a very supportive and caring person. And when it's needed been ready to give some of us that extra little push :)

    Good luck.

  32. I'm so pleased you have opened wider the doors to your editing business Serena. I'm one of the as yet unpublished writers who've benefited greatly from Serena's proof reading and complete editing.

  33. Hi Lydia,
    Thankyou. And thanks for coming by Nas's blog.

  34. Hi Emmie,
    Thanks for saying that. I've enjoyed being a small part of your wonderful journey from a newbie who joined the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild to the newest Harlequin SuperRomance author!! I can't wait to see your wonderful book onshelf! Thanks for dropping by to say hi.

  35. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks so much. You're another wonderful Melbourne Romance Writers Guild member who has progressed in leaps and bounds! And you're so close too! Lovely to see you here.

  36. Hi Margaret M,
    Thanks for your kind words. You know how I feel about your writing, too. It's only a matter of time because you have got the talent! (And this is now a little extra "PUSH" so get writing!) Thanks for dropping in and saying hello.

  37. Hi Dora,
    Thanks, bella. I hope you are getting stuck into your writing after your wonderful European adventure. You're yet another of the talented members of the Melbourne Romance writers Guild. Thanks for coming in to say hi.

  38. Hi Serena,
    As one of the authors that you have helped to publication, I can only re-iterate what everyone else has said. In my opinion you are a gifted editor, not to mention a lovely and sincere person. I know for a fact that my novel, Holly And the Millionaire, would never have been published without your brilliant editing.



  39. Wow! Serena, I can see by these comments that you are so much appreciated! And rightly so.

    Thank you to all my lovely friends for coming by and welcome to all our new visitors to Romance Book Paradise!

  40. Serena, I feel like I've missed out on all the fun not living in Melbourne! But at least people from all over the country and in other countries can now make use of your knowledge. Hope it all goes fabulously for you!

  41. Hi Margaret T,
    Thanks for saying that. I've been very lucky to meet so many wonderful people like yourself in my journey. Thanks for coming in and saying hi.

  42. Thanks, Nas. And a big THANKS to your friends for dropping in to say hi to me. It's been lovely.

  43. Hi Rachel,
    Thankyou for that. I'd love it if you lived in Melbs. We've got a great group down here in the MRWG. Thanks for your best wishes and for visiting.

  44. Wow, what an impressive set of testimonials! Serena has quite the fan club. ;-)

    Good luck with that new Superromance, and may it lead to many more published works. Your editing business sounds like it's already running flat out. Isn't it lovely to be in demand?

  45. Nas,

    Thank you for sharing Serena with us.

  46. Thank you, Nas! Editors are so invaluable.

  47. Wonderful Article Serena.

    For any writer considering hiring an editor. I highly recommend Serena's service for her invaluable care with my manuscripts and her professional input.

    Charlie Kramer

  48. Hi LP,
    Thanks for the praise but I can't lay claim to being a Harlequin SuperRomance author (I WISH!) - I'm sorry if my praise for Emmie Dark was misleading - Emmie is Harlequin's newest SuperRomance author! I've been lucky enough to know her for a few years and have seen the hard work and dedication she's put into it. I've also seen her writing go ahead in leaps and bounds through dedication and determination. Oh, and talent :)

    Thanks for coming in and saying hi.

  49. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for popping in. Nice to meet you.

  50. Hi Charlie,
    Thankyou for your praise, but it's easy to work with talent like yours :) And you're a brilliant webmistress too! Thanks for coming in and saying hi.

  51. Hi Talli,
    Thanks for saying that :) Nice to meet you.

  52. Great testimonials. Serena knows her stuff. I wish I had a better editorial eye (but I'm glad people like Serena are around).

    Have a wonderful week, ladies.

  53. Hi Medeia,
    It's actually always easier to find things in other people's work because often you know what is supposed to be there in your own manuscript. Sometimes you don't notice if you've left it out or even repeated it.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  54. Nice learning more about you, Serena!

  55. Thank you for introducing us to Serena, Nas! I have a lot of respect for editors.

  56. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for saying that. (The cheque's in the mail - unless you're in the USA then the check's in the mail ;-P)

  57. Interesting. I like hearing about various options :)

  58. Hi Serena :D

    Lovely to read all about you and your editing services. I wish you the very best of luck with your venture and have no doubt that it will be a resounding success.

    Good luck xx

  59. Great post, Nas. And lovely to meet you, Serena. I'll be bookmarking your website for future reference.

  60. I'd like to thank all my lovely friends for coming long ad chatting to Serena.

    And thank you Serena, for sharing with us about editing. Your services sound wonderful, wish you all the success for the future!

  61. Hi Juanita,
    Thanks for your best wishes. I appreciate it! And thanks for coming in and saying hi.

  62. Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks for that. I hope I can be of service to you :) Thanks for visiting.

  63. Thanks very much to the lovely Nas for having me here as a special guest. it's been fun.